Who am I. 
Today I run my own photography and retouch studio in the Swedish city of Malmö. From here I work with international corporations to smaller companies, all needing to visually promote their products and services in the best possible way. With my pictures I strive to create an expressive and strong visual impact. It could be with a complex light setup, minimalistic composition or whatever that may fit the image concept that the client requires, but it must never be dull. In every assignment I try to always challenge myself, driving my technical skills forward. As important as my camera is the post processing part. I love twisting the image into getting a new dimension in retouch. The last couple of years I have moved on to also take on film assignments as a cinematographer.

The path that brought me here.
2001 is the year it all started, I moved from Gothenburg to Malmö to study Graphic Design as a twenty-year old. The first job after graduation was to work as a graphic designer in a global communication team at Sony Ericsson, where we were designing catalogues, leaflets, bringing photography & films to life among a lot of other things. It was here, while working with many external photographers at Sony Ericsson, that brought my interest to life of becoming a full-time photographer myself. When the opportunity arised, I started to assist the acclaimed Danish advertising photographer Peter Krasilnikoff in Copenhagen. After years of learning and developing skills I started my own business in 2009.


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It is a true pleasure working with Christoffer. He is a master of handling people, both clients and models. Always a lot of joy and energy in the air. He should be hating me for the steep deadlines that I have given him over the years, but instead he solves the most with the same positive attitude, high level of service and good delivery. My warmest recommendations.
— Ivan Matanovic, Creative director Guts & glory
Christoffers ability to add an additional dimension in a project is more common then an exception. He owns an intuition, a unique sense for details, a technical knowledge and an aesthetics out of the ordinary. That he also handles a calm in situations that require it and in the next moment can lighten the mood with his sense of good humour makes him a brilliant photographer, and a funny and easy person to work with.
Don´t miss it!
— Carin Melchert, Art director FEW
Christoffer is full of energy and ideas. Always adding good things that strengthens the founding idea. Handles many picture styles. Fun to work with and delivers the best quality.
— Patrik Lundberg, Art director SwedishCreative
Whenever I refer to Christoffer’s picture gallery by the chef’s table I say , “just look at his art work” because it is. On the man himself, I say he is one of the funniest guys you’ll meet, never a dull moment come rain or shine he exudes confidence with a smile and gives you that lift that makes you feel VIP!
— Igi Vidal, Bloom in the park