I run my own photography business in Malmö and work with international corporations to smaller companies, all needing to visually promote their products and services in the best possible way. With my pictures I strive to create an expressive and strong visual impact. It could be with a complex light setup, minimalistic composition or whatever that may fit the image concept, but it must never be dull or hollow. In every assignment I try to always challenge myself, driving my technical skills forward. I´m a photoshop geek, who loves making the image get a new dimension in retouch. The last couple of years I have moved on to also take on film assignments as a cinematographer.

How did I end up here.
2001 is the year I moved from Gothenburg to Malmö to study Graphic Design as a twenty-year old. After graduation I started to work as a graphic designer in a global communication team at Sony Ericsson, where we were designing catalogues, leaflets, bringing photography & films to life among a lot of other things. Working a lot with external photographers at Sony Ericsson, brought my interest to life of becoming a full-time photographer myself. When oppurtunity arise, I started to assist the acclaimed Danish advertising photographer Peter Krasilnikoff in Copenhagen. After hard working years in Copenhagen I started my own business in 2009.

Who am I.
As you landed on this page I assume that you´re interested in who I really am.
But who am I to write about myself? Instead I wrote an open question to all my Facebook friends if they could summarise me. I won´t bore you with the whole thread. They were basically saying that I´m a really nice guy. Sweet, funny, caring, happy, confident..hey, I´m not trying to brag here, just summarising!

Some highlights from the fb thread below:

You are a wonderful son. Peaceful, confident, funny, good at distribute work, a bit muddled hehe. Do you want something negative as well? Ask someone else!
- My mom

You know that you are going to have a fun day when Christoffer is around.
- David Peters

Christoffer is the creator of some of my favourite portrait photography. Plus he's supernice!
- Michaela Schmied Henning

Wow. When I read all the comments I get really touched and feel very proud as a mother.
- My mom.

All you out there who know my son. C´mon and give him a comment!
- My mom

Maybe I´ll take a screenshot of all this and put it on the web if it´s alright with you guys? Let me know!
- Me

Do what´s good for you!
- My mom

Thanks mom.
- Me


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Christoffer är full av energi och idéer. Tillför alltid bra saker som förstärker grundidén. Hanterar många bildstilar. Rolig att arbeta med och levererar bästa kvalité.
— Patrik Lundberg, Art director SwedishCreative
Christoffers förmåga att addera ytterligare en dimension i ett projekt är mer regel än undantag. Han äger en fingertoppskänsla, ett unikt sinne för detaljer, ett tekniskt kunnande och en estetik utöver det vanliga. Att han sen dessutom behärskar ett lugn i situationer som kräver det och i nästa stund kunna lätta upp stämningen med sitt sinne för humor gör honom till en briljant fotograf och en himla rolig och lätt person att samarbeta med.
Don´t miss it!
— Carin Melchert, Art director Wonderleap & eight (FEW)
Whenever I refer to Christoffer’s picture gallery by the chef’s table I say , “just look at his art work” because it is. On the man himself, I say he is one of the funniest guys you’ll meet, never a dull moment come rain or shine he exudes confidence with a smile and gives you that lift that makes you feel VIP!
— Igi Vidal, Bloom in the park
Det är ett sant nöje att jobba med Christoffer. Han är en mästare på att ta folk; både kunder och modeller. Alltid mycket glädje, humor och energi i luften. Han borde hata mig för de ibland mycket snäva deadlines jag givit honom över åren. Istället löser han det mesta med samma goda humör, höga servicegrad och goda leverans. Mina varmaste rekommendationer.


It´s a pleasure working with Christoffer.

— Ivan Matanovic, Creative director Guts & glory